Competition is an inseparable part of life and innovation is the key to survive in the world of competition. The world of internet is full of people and businesses competing for visitors’ time. Google listings and yahoo local realized this fact and stood out with their innovative methods.

Yahoo Local Listings is also an online advertising system, which provides businesses a large share of money from the local customers. The businesses get an opportunity to provide detailed accurate business information to their potential buyers through Yahoo! Local.

Basic Listings on yahoo are free of charge and facilitate business owners to add their business details as listings on Yahoo! Local. Businesses and individual need to provide important details like

  • Information related to operation. This includes information about hours of operation, payment methods accepted by Yahoo etc.
  • Information about the products manufactured or marketed by a business and services offered to the customers.
  • Link of their web site if any.
  • Google listing is the best tool used for locating any business by the customers. Similarly customers have the advantage of finding the exact place where their requirements can be fulfilled.

Significance of Google listings

  • In the busy life of today where everybody is facing a scarcity of time Google Maps has solved people’s problem of searching for local businesses. These listings also provide you with driving directions, which help you, reach your desired destinations without wasting much time and energy.
  • Google Maps not only help people find businesses capable of fulfilling their needs, but is also extremely beneficial for the businesses. Listing of their business on Google helps they reach their potential customers in little or no time.
  • Also there is no wastage of money on advertising their products and services to people who are not interested in products offered by them.
  • The local customers are greatly benefitted by this service as they do not need to waste their time and money to get the desired products and services from places far apart.
  • Businesses can place all information such as their address, contact information, hours of operation, impressive photographs of your store, and videos of products and services provided.
  • Internet friendly potential customers can reach you and your business just by a few clicks.
  • Google also shows satellite images of your business and store location, which help in impressing the customers.
  • The entire process is easy and free and can be performed irrespective of the size of the business.

All the above mentioned advantages result in diverting most of the internet traffic to Google listings and yahoo local.

Video marketing can be defined as the marketing of a product or service by means of a video and place it for display on the internet. Those new to these words and are scared of making videos can simply put in a few photographs of the product to be marketed and place it as a slide show to be viewed by viewers.

With the increase in the average time spent by people surfing the net, video marketing is gradually taking over all other forms of marketing. This is due to the numerous benefits of videos marketing as compared to any other social media strategy and viral campaign. A few of these benefits include:

1.      Increased interaction between the seller and buyer.

Video marketing creates a higher interaction between the seller and the buyer. A combination of sound and visual effects helps in capturing the audience’s attention. The seller can explain all specific features about the product and can also resolve any queries that might crop up in the minds of potential buyers.

2.      Adds value to your business and products.

People viewing your videos on the internet receive new information before others can get through other medium of communication. This quick and detailed information about the product adds value to your business and products.

3.      Cost-effective in nature.

Video marketing is a cost effective way of communication about your business and product to the target audience. You do not need to pay huge cash to models and others for creating a video. All you need to do is to get a good speaker detailing about your product.  In case you yourself can speak for your product there is nothing better than that, this will help you save lot of money, which is otherwise spent on advertising.

4.      Drives traffic to your website.

Videos are an effective way of driving traffic to your website. You can add the link of you video to other popular sites. Viewers interested in knowing about your product will click the link and will automatically reach your site. Video with chosen keywords when placed on search engines can easily divert a huge lot of traffic on your site. This is because search engines like Google gives ranking priority to sites having videos than those without videos. So placing a video gives you better chances of being chosen in the Google search results.

In this world of digital revolution, if you are planning to advertise your product, video marketing is the best way of reaching potential buyers and bringing in profits for your business.

With the numerous technological advancements and quick sources communication numerous people all over the world prefer to get complete information about a product or service before making any purchases. has made its share of contribution to this communication by helping people place their reviews and opinions about a product or service, so that other potential customers get an idea about them before they use or purchase them.

This popular reviews website can help you get information regarding different kinds of businesses and services in your area. For instance, if you had a delicious dinner at a hotel in the capital, you can just place your opinions about the service and food [by that hotel on Yelp. You opinion will help other to decide their place of dinner. The primary goal of Foursquare is to let you know where your friends are and vice versa.

Benefits of using Yelp and Four Square

Following are a few benefits of using Yelp and Four Square

  • helps you in finding the basic information about any business including those in the manufacturing of products and providing services like hotels and restaurants.
  • You can also get information regarding the hours during which business is done, company’s contact information and address of their site. Once you get the site address you will be able to get all requisite information for making your purchases.
  • Information about businesses located in your local area cannot be easily obtained on Google maps. Such information can easily be obtained on Yelp.
  • You can easily form your opinion about a place or product without even spending a penny from your pocket. All you need to do is to log on to and find out reviews placed by earlier users of the same product or service.
  • In case you are not satisfied with the information provided by earlier users, the chat section of Yelp will help you to get more specific information. Just initiate a discussion regarding your queries and people online who have had any experiences will surely share it with you.
  • Don’t just read others’ opinions, but also place yours when you have used a product or have been to a tourist destination.
  • Foursquare helps people to know where their friends and foes are putting up at a moment of time. This helps them to meet their friends and avoiding those whom they don’t want to meet.
  • Informs you about places that might be crowded with people at some point of time. This helps people to decide upon whether to visit a place or not.

Although face book was discovered with a target to communicate with old college friends, but with the increasing popularity of the internet and social media the importance of social sites like face book to businesses has become inevitable. Businesses and individuals who do not use face book and others as a marketing strategy are on the way to missing numerous opportunities and thousands of new customers. Those using face book for endorsing and promoting their products know that leads generated through social sites are better than those obtained through other sources.

The use of networking and word of mouth advertising is not new to businesses. However with the advancements in the field of internet, the mediums have change and social sites like face book have emerged as one of the most popular options among internet users all over the world.

Is it safe to display all information on the internet?

Novices in the field might have certain apprehensions about revealing information in their minds. However transparency in revealing information helps in building better relationships with other users.

Benefits of using social sites

  • Most people are interested in doing business with those they know, and trust. Face book and other social sites help to quicken and ease out the entire process as you don’t need to attend costly and time consuming networking meetings to promote your product and business.
  • Getting associated with social sites like face book, helps you solve your problems without asking help from your relatives and friends. For instance if you wish to get yourself treated by a chiropractor and you don’t have sufficient information, all you need to place your problem on the face book. Your contacts through this site will surely help you in finding one. Also you can check out the recommended chiropractic’s Fan page, read information about their qualifications and connect with them through mails.
  • You can read the various testimonials provided by numerous users. Reading these will help you to know other people’s experience and develop faith in product and service providers.
  • Social media provides sufficient time and information both to the business and the users. The customers buy after being completely satisfied about the product or service being offered. Similarly providers and businesses get enough opportunity to provide quality information to the viewers.

Social sites like face book are the best way of advertising for businesses that have small marketing budget and ample time to promote their products. This is due to the low cost associated with such kind of advertising.

Even with the increasing popularity of the web, many small and big businesses commit a blunder when they consider websites to be a secondary form of advertising. However the fact is that the internet has changed the world in its entirety and is here to stay for a long time.

How would you feel if you get 1.09 visitors to your website, which you have created just by paying a web hosting amount of $4.95 per month?

Amazing, right!

This number might be more than the traffic being generated at Wal-Mart, the world’s largest corporation.

Search engine optimization or SEO is also known as SEO copywriting and is one of the most popular techniques for promoting a website in search engine results. As a technical component of Web marketing SEO helps in promoting websites, but requires some technical familiarity and knowledge of basic HTML. Most of the times it uses the “natural” or un-paid search results also known as “organic” or “algorithmic” for optimizing the website.

Google is the leading and the most marketable search engine on the web followed by Yahoo and MSN. Every search engine has its own personal algorithms used for evaluating the significance of a particular website.

SEO is one of the most popular marketing strategies and increases the relevance of a site for its viewers. It recognizes the working of a search organics and things people search for on the web. It also helps in improving the content of a website, so that its distinctive content can easily be indexed by the search engine robots. This unique content also appeals the viewers who give repeat visits to the site, thus bringing profitability to the website owner.

SEO targets various kinds of search, such as image search, video search, local search, and industry-specific search. Optimization of the website in any of these field helps in providing a preferred position to your site. Most web based business owners utilize search engine optimization as a tool for making the most out of their business online. It not only has the power to enhance the traffic on your website but also helps in improving your sales. This gives website business owners an opportunity to gain advantage over the existing online competition.

The earlier or higher a website appears on the web page more is the number of visitors diverted from the search engine towards this site. The frequency of appearance on the results page also helps to increase the number of site visitors. The net result of all this is increased sales and profit for the business.

With the increased popularity and usage of the internet, web based businesses using SEO techniques gain a major advantage over their competitors. Two main kinds of search engine optimization that are most commonly being used are the on-page optimization and the off-page optimization.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization is the simplest of them and relates to the contents and elements present on the web page itself. Most people visit the various sites on the internet due to the fresh and quality content available on them. Therefore Search engines are primarily interested in knowing the quality and uniqueness of the content written on a web page. Also Search engine bots or robots are not capable of reading images or scripting languages like the like JavaScript. So the only thing that they rely on is the pure text written on the web page. The changes or optimization done to the content of the web page in order to increase its appearance on the search results page is known as On-page optimization.

Off-page Optimization

Earlier most web based business use on page optimization techniques to increase traffic on their sites. But due to the over exploitation of this technique the benefits derived through this technique gradually reduced and off page optimization techniques gained popularity. It refers to optimization techniques that are not directly implemented on the web page and HTML files, but helps to improve the ranking of web page in the search results.

The most important technique for improving the position of a particular web page on the search results is by linking it to other pages having content about similar or related topics. All search engines including Google decides an authority site for particular key words or phrases. Most visitors like to visit sites that contain links to similar or related contents. If your site also contains links to many other sites, Google might judge it as the authority site, thus increasing the traffic to your site. This also helps to improve your site’s position on the search results page. The links might sometimes be reciprocal i.e. the site your site link to, might also provide a reciprocal link to your site. But, most of the times these links are non- reciprocal or one-way only. This denotes that your site might be important to other websites, but you might not consider the same for their site.

Both on-page and off-page optimization have their own set of importance. For those in a relatively uncompetitive market can get a higher listing in the search results just by making use of good on-page optimization. With the increasing complexity in competition back links or off page optimization is a must for heading your way to success.

The most important thing that distinguishes a word document from an article on a website is its linkage to various other sites or documents available on the internet. Therefore links were the original functionality of web pages and are still the basis of the internet. With the increasing competition in all kinds of businesses including online business, benefits derived through on page optimization techniques have come to a standstill. Nowadays, internet marketers’ use off page optimization techniques for generating traffic to their site and links are the primary tools used for off page optimization, thus increasing sales and profitability. Following are a few benefits of using links:

1.      Increases the usability of internet.

Links help to increase the usability of the internet by providing simple navigation and routing between text and articles on a website. Apart from regular site navigation links help in linking an article to other important documents, like definitions, without interfering with the flow of the initial search.

2.      Directs traffic to website.

Users surfing a particular site develop trust in it and click links provided on these sites move directly on to those links. The traffic on a particular site can thus be directed to other sites created by the owner or other site creators.

3.      Enhances the trust of Search Engine in your site.

The most important factor that determines the trust of Search engine on a particular site is its link score. More is the number of links provided on a site, higher will its ranking in the search engine results. Links are the most popular way of increasing the trust of search engine on your site.

4.      Help in building users’ trust.

Links of your site on popular sites helps to increase users’ trust in you and products offered by your site. This is due to the established reputation of those sites and your linkage with them.

5.      Provides information about your site

Both robots of the search engines and the visitors identify the content of discussion by reading the name of your link on other sites. This helps them to decide whether or not they would like to visit your site and in diverting target viewers to your site.

6.      Links add value to your site

In the virtual world, websites are your property, and thus have value in terms of cash. The saleable value of your website depends upon the amount of traffic it is capable of generating in a particular period of time. Adding links of various similar or related sites helps in increasing the traffic, which in turn increases the salability of the website.

If you are planning to begin your own site don’t forget to add other related links to it. This will not only help others to enhance their business, but will surely increase traffic on your site.